Job mobility

Job mobility and employability in relation to age and health in Nordic countries and Germany

Funding of workshops - a cooperation with Prof. Sabine Raeder (University of Oslo, Norway), Dr. Claudia Bernhard-Oettel (Stockholm University, Sweden), Dr. Saija Mauno and Dr. Anne-Maarit Mäkikangas (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Prof. Thomas Rigotti (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

Funded by: Nordisk samarbeidsnemd for humanistisk og samfunnsvitenskapelig forskning, NOS-HS

The cooperation organizing Nordic workshops on the topic(title) aims at bringing together researchers in the field of working life and occupational health to discuss the current state of the art and existing evidence related to questions concerning (perceived) employability, job mobility and job transitions, entrance or exit of labor market, with a particular emphasis on the youngest and oldest workers and their well-being. The planned workshops are motivated by a strong need for integrating present knowledge and for discussing new and innovative research and related methods.The group of applicants intends to develop an application for funding for a research project in the field of the workshops. Depending on the time when the NORDCORP call is issued, the workshops either serve for preparing the application or for preparing and coordinating the empirical project.

Two workshops are planned as 2-days meetings in June 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden) and September 2014 (Jväskylä, Finland). The workshops are organized to discuss and present the state of the art with respect to (1) the themes job mobility, employability, age, occupational health and well-being and (2) methodological issues of studying these questions.In order to get a good overview of the research in Nordic countries and Germany, we will further pay attention to (3) possible country-specific context and country comparisons, predominantly in regards to Nordic countries.