JProf. Dr. Hadar Nesher Shoshan


  • Interpersonal relationships in and outside of the workplace (leader-follower, coworkers, service relationships, family relationships in light of work)
  • Emotions and Emotional labor at work
  • Employee well-being (burnout, stress, recovery, health behavior)
  • Hybrid work arrangements (virtual meetings, working from home, media choice)

Akademische Ausbildung

  • 12/2019: Promotion in Psychologie (Dr.rer.soc.), Universität Mannheim
  • 11/2010Master of Science, Industrial Psychologie, Technion, Israel
  • 09/2007Bachelor of Science, Psychologie and Soziologie, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Beruflicher Werdegang

  • ab 12/2022: Junior Professorin in der Abteilung für Arbeits-, Organisations- und Wirtschaftspsychologie, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • 01/2020-11/2022: Post-Doktoral Researcher, Lehr­stuhl für Arbeits- und Organisations­psychologie, Universität Mannheim
  • 09/2014-12/2019: Akademische Mitarbeiterin & Doktorandin, Lehr­stuhl für Arbeits- und Organisations­psychologie, Universität Mannheim

Publikationen | Peer-Reviewed Journals

Mohr, M., Nesher Shoshan, H., & Sonnentag, S. (2023). Perfectionism and cognitive-behavioural processes in daily work: Implications for self-related perceptions and emotions. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Nesher Shoshan, H., & Venz, L., Sonnentag, S. (2023). Reciprocal relations between emotional exhaustion and episode-specific surface acting: An experience sampling study. Work & Stress. Advance online publication. 

Sonnentag, S., Tay, L., & Nesher Shoshan, H. (2023). A review on health and well-being at work: More than stressors and strains. Personnel Psychology. Advance online publication.

Nesher Shoshan, H., & Venz, L., Sonnentag, S., (2022). Being recovered as an antecedent of emotional labor: A diary study. Journal of Personnel Psychology, 21(4), 197-207.

Nesher Shoshan, H., & Wehrt, W. (2022). Understanding ‘Zoom fatigue’: A mixed method approach. Applied Psychology: An International Review.

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